Document I forgot to insert my BIG Shot ID when I purchased my AirAsia Ticket. How do I earn BIG Points for that flight?

You may still earn the BIG Points by following the below steps:

1. Login to AirAsia website.
2. Click on Manage My Booking
3. Select your Future Flight and click Modify or key in the booking details to search your flight details.
4. Click Update Details and choose BIG Points
6. Insert your BIG Shot ID.

Check out our video tutorial for some helpful hints on BIG. Click here.

Note: click "Lookup BIG Shot ID" if you don't remember your BIG Shot ID.

You will receive your BIG Points five working days after your departure date.

You earn 1 BIG Point for every MYR 4 spent on AirAsia flights-only purchase [with no add ons]
You earn 1 BIG Point for every MYR 2 spent on AirAsia flights + Add Ons

Add On services = Hot seats, baggage, meal, AirAsia Insure or comfort kit

Note: You may only start earning BIG Points for any flight purchase once you are a BIG Shot

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