Document How do I convert my Mesra Points to BIG Points?

It take only five minutes to convert your Mesra Points to BIG Points for existing Kad Mesra and BIG members.

1. Visit
2. Login with your MESRA email ID and password.
3. Click on My account  and select 'Point  Conversion'
4. Then Click on 'Convert  now'
5. Key in your BIG Shot ID
6. Proceed  to slide  the number of  point to be convert and click 'Next'
7. Verify the points & click on 'Confirm'.
8. Once done, click ‘Finish’ and you will receive an email notification from Kad Mesra representative.

If you do not have an online MESRA account, please register at or call MESRA hotline at 1800 22 8888 to activate your account.

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