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What is Verified by VISA?

The BIG Card-Prepaid Visa is now enabled with ‘Verified by VISA’ (VbV), a security feature provided by VISA that lets you transact online securely using your BIG Card-Prepaid Visa. This service is ONLY available at VbV participating online merchants.


How does ‘Verified by VISA’ work?

  1. When you shop online at any VbV participating online merchants with your BIG Card-Prepaid Visa, you will firstly be required to register and activate your VbV. This is a one-time registration. Then you will have to create your password when prompted at the payment page during your online purchase.

  2. Upon successful registration for VbV and creation of password, in future, for any of your online purchases at VbV participating online merchants, you will then be asked to key in your VbV password for verification before your payment is processed.

  3. Before keying in your VbV password, please ensure the following are displayed on your screen:

    Ensure your URL bar displays the ‘lock’ icon, for example:
    For Google Chrome Web Browser:
    For Internet Explorer Web Browser:

  4. VbV password is personal to you and DO NOT reveal this password to any third party.